Words, ecosystems, gifts

I live and work in Maple City, Michigan (elevation 720 feet), which sits atop a ground moraine at the center of the Leelanau Peninsula, six miles from the largest lake on the planet. I feel very lucky to know this place.

At any given time I’m working on a handful of seemingly disparate projects, but most of my endeavors are tied in some way to a three-stranded braid:


I’ve read hungrily my whole life, and have long worked at synthesizing my own experiences and research through writing. I write primarily about the landscape around me: walks through it, the facets it reveals throughout the year, what I can decipher of its history. I’m currently working on my first book.


Our little homestead here in Maple City is the perfect place to peer into the life processes that surround us. We tend a small flock of chickens, a colony of honeybees, a dog named Tucker, and an ever-expanding garden of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. I’m perpetually delighted and humbled to be a part of it all.

Whenever possible, I get out and explore quiet places on foot. I consider it a great privilege to sit in silence and feel my place in a more-than-human world. If I can get myself good and lost along the way, all the better.

My partner Kelly and I operate a small fermentory called Polyculture Kombucha.


The gift of quiet, the gift of good food from the soil, the gift of water, gifts from the trees, the gift of solitude, companionship, community. I receive so much, and I strive to give in turn.

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