About me

You can call me Scott. I’m a writer and sometimes teacher on the Leelanau Peninsula, here in the midst of the Great Lakes. In my poetry and prose, I explore land and the imagination, pattern and recurrence, myth, and a spirited human participation in this much-more-than-human world. I publish a monthly letter by email called Polylith and a zine called Drift Body. My poems have appeared in Reliquiae, and my first collection, titled Drift Gestures, is forthcoming from The Lune in 2023.

Presently (summer 2022), I am doing fieldwork on North Manitou Island as part of the Great Lakes Piping Plover Recovery Effort. Everything I published on paper over the last year is available for purchase in the bookshop, and you can follow along with ongoing work via the newsletter.

If you’d like to talk, send me an email at hello@cscottmills.com.

Portrait of the author wearing winter clothes standing on a frozen lake at sunset, January 2019

And a few hopes:
More quiet, more common; may the margins flood the center.