A copy of the book lays on the ground surrounded by woodchips and fallen leaves. The blue cover reads 'Drift Gestures / C.S. Mills' in white, accompanied by a vertical white brushstroke calling to mind waves at the shore or windblown sand.

Drift Gestures

This is my first book, a collection of forty-two poems published by The Lune in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Here’s what the publisher has to say about it:

A work of mythopoeic crosscurrents subsumed in language: ecological soundings, alchemical inquiries, celestial correspondences, and interspecies cantillation. Informed by the author’s fieldwork with endangered shorebirds, by the Great Lakes and greater seasons, three poetic movements coinhere to form an undulating vision: a variegated manifesto of perception as grace.

I will be giving readings from the book over the coming months — keep an eye on the Readings page for details.

If you live nearby, feel free to get in touch to purchase an inscribed copy directly from me. Copies will be available at local libraries and bookshops soon!

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