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Sixteen Hours

Sixteen Hours is a threefold piece of ambient music recorded late winter 2023. Mellow glassy tones, sine waves, echoing excitations, spherical resonance, birdsong. The tracks are accompanied by field recordings made on North Manitou Island over a period of sixteen hours in May 2022 at the height of spring bird migration.


  1. Dawn thrush and arc
  2. Marsh at noon, nightmask
  3. Cavern dusk to cross

This album is a continuation of the sounds and generative techniques explored in Music for Settled Work (2022), and is heavily influenced by Brian Eno’s incomparable thinking music, which exists

on the cusp between melody and texture, and whose musical logic was elusive enough to reward attention, but not so strict as to demand it.1

Sixteen Hours is available over on Bandcamp, where you can pay whatever amount you like. A few dollars is a wonderful gift. If money is an object, don’t hesitate to pay nothing — I’m happy for you to listen!

  1. From the liner notes to Neroli, 1993