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Toward mineral mind

Toward mineral mind is a recording made in late winter 2019. It consists of five sketches toward human–stone ecumenism, toward mineral mind in the longue durée. A humble offering to the eternal circular braid.


  1. hushed in heaven’s malachite bowl
  2. a kind of alchemical object haunting human historical time
  3. filled exactly with a pebbly meaning
  4. tongues in trees, books in the running brooks
  5. filled exactly with a pebbly dub

Most of the sounds are my voice sampled, processed, and sequenced. The music was made late at night next to the woodstove in a spirit of warmth and autotelic grooviness.

Track titles come from these sources, respectively:
‘Single-tree field’ by Miyazawa Kenji
Terrence McKenna in conversation with Jeffrey Mishlove, 19??
‘Pebble’ by Zbigniew Herbert
‘As You Like It’ by William Shakespeare