I compose this site in markdown, HTML SCSS, liquid and YAML. It’s all compiled by Jekyll and served by homebase. The site is also available on the peer-to-peer web as a Dat archive (you’ll need Beaker browser for that).

The type is set in Charter and Source Sans Pro, designed by Matthew Carter and Paul D. Hunt respectively. Photographs are generally taken by me, but some, where noted, come from the commons. The header/footer image was captured by USGS on November 1, 1954 from 8500 feet over Little Glen Lake.

Here’s a picture of me a few miles west of there some 64 years later:

Portrait of the author wearing winter clothes standing on a frozen lake at sunset, January 02019

Here’s a picture of my favorite public park, and the best swim spot I know of:

A view over Big Glen Lake from Burdickville toward Alligator Hill with an empty public dock in the foreground.

And finally, a benediction:
More quiet, more common; may the margins flood the center.