The aerial image appears to have been taken sometime mid-century (the last, of course), and is centered on a round lake reflecting the sun back up to the sky. Around the circumference of the lake is a golden ribbon punctuated by four golden discs. There is a fifth disc at the center, connected to the circumference by a meandering diameter.

Lake mandala

A walk taken over two days on the frozen surface of Blue-Green Lake, late February 2022. Five pebbles were collected from the mouth of a spring and placed at the four cardinal points and at the center of the ice-disc — a mandala made by walking.

The ice is thick, but it's hard to tell on account of how clear it is. The rippled blue-green sandy lakebed is clear a fathom below and a bright ribbon of snow follows a fissure in the ice. Two booted feet are seen at the bottom of the frame.

From Polylith 024:

Come spring, when the disc sublimates into lifting air and melts into the warming lens, the pebble will sink, fluttering through those fathoms of dark water to the bottom.