In addition to my own writing, I also do publishing-related work for clients. They appreciate the clear communication, adaptability, sensitivity and meticulousness I bring to the process. My offerings are listed below.

If you’d like to discuss a project, please send me a note.

A pamphlet lies open to the central spread. There is text on the two facing pages with a linen thread taut in crease. Most of the text is out of focus, but a few words are clear: continuously, years, triangle, disc, face, beneath.

Print design

The printed page is the plumage your words wear in their flight to the reader. It lifts and subtly steers the imagination, guides the eyes, gives the fingertips something to trace. I am fascinated by the playful, constrained, humble endeavor of designing the insides of a book. You will find some examples of my work in the bookshop. I can design:

  • Book interiors
  • Poetry pamphlets/chapbooks
  • Journals, articles, zines, etc

Digital books

Say you’ve written a book, and whether you’re planning to publish it in print or not, you would like a digital copy available that is made with the same emphasis on readability and longevity — with the same care. I can design and produce for you a quality, standards-based, cross-platform digital book.

Web publishing

I have published my own email newsletter for the last three years, and an ever-evolving personal website (this one here) for twelve. I am happy to help you launch your own project on the web — whether you want to build it from scratch, customize an off-the-shelf option or learn to construct and tend it yourself. There’s quiet power in publishing your own work in your own space. I can design/build/advise:

  • Email newsletters
  • Digital gardens, personal wikis
  • Technical documentation
  • etc!

Web shops

I’ve built (or helped build) a dozen or so e-commerce shops for clients ranging from small DIY affairs and simple theme customizations up to full-on bespoke Shopify sites in cooperation with designers. I particularly enjoy working with artists and illustrators, publishers, healers and educators.