Fourfold wheel of the year

Drift Body is a quarterly zine about land, myth and the imagination. It is a paper companion to Polylith, an email newsletter.

The first cycle of four issues runs from May 2021 through February 2022. You can subscribe for the year as a
($40) or Pen pal (barter).

(Peers cover printing and postage, patrons kick in a little extra and pen pals keep the conversation going.)

A zine lays open in dappled sunlight. The page shows a ring of eight unicode moon-phases with new at the top and full at the bottom. The back of the second issue, in the starburst shadow of a white pine sprig, reads 'a generative recombinatory flood' in green text. The second issue, with its emerald cover, hovers over a shallow pebbled stream running clear in the morning sun. The first issue, with its blue cover, rests atop woven twigs and roots at the wrack-line.

A few notes, for the curious:

  • The fourth issue will ship in early February, 2022
  • Individual issues are available in the bookshop
  • You can subscribe anytime and I’ll send all four issues your way
  • Subscriptions don’t auto-renew — you’ll only be charged once
  • If you’d prefer to pay by check, just send a note
  • And if you just want to read a PDF copy as the issues arrive, subscribe to the companion newsletter